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Mastering is the final step in audio production.  During the mastering process, we add the finishing touches and enhance the overall sound, making sure that the final result translates across all devices.  

We offer in-house mastering for all projects that we have worked on, as well as if they have been recorded and mixed elsewhere and just need that final push to take it to the next level. 

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Anything that we record in-house or from a remote recording session we can also mix and master. 

If we haven't recorded the audio ourselves we can still master your project.

(price determined by the number of tracks/stems.)

Getting a track mastered in the studio not only takes advantage of the years of experience of our mix engineers but also of our plethora of software and analog gear that will give your project, "The Studio Sound." 

(Prices start from £20 P/H) 

We Master in-house, however, sometimes depending on the project it is better to get a second set of ears in the mastering process. 

We also partner with an external mastering engineer to give you the option of a second set of ears for the mastering process 

(Pricing on Request ) 

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