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We offer Live-streaming in all of our spaces as well as remotely in different locations for your event. 

We have multiple set-ups to facilitate your Livestream; with up to 3 HD Camera angels paired with the ability to simultaneously mix up to 32 channels of audio to get you a great sounding mix for your stream. 

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The benefit of streaming from one of our venues is that the venue is built for it.  Each of our spaces is designed to get you the best sound possible before mics are even introduced.  Also in our venues, you have access to studio-quality microphones and outboard gear

(Pre Amps - Analogue Compressors etc.) 

We also have numerous LED up-lighters and LED Filming lights in our venues to help you achieve the look that you want for your stream.

(Prices start from £25 P/H)

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Remote streaming sessions can be done anywhere we can get power and a wifi signal to.  

Remotely we still offer up to 32 channels of audio professionally mixed as well as up to 3 HD Camera angles.  

Although we do not offer all of our studio mics for remote sessions there are plenty of mics available based on location and requirements of the stream.  You can find what is available on our Gear page and our PA Hire page.

(Prices start from £35 p/h)

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